Our special custom home protection plan for residential customers allows our customers to have protected pest services year round, at an affordable price. Contact us today for your *Free Estimate*.For our residential customers we offer inspections, treatment, and Perimeter protection around your home. 

A. Inspections- Your On Point professional provides an extensive interior and exterior inspection of your home to indentify any existing pest problems. We explain existing entry points and based on results offer you an detailed treatment plan. 

B. Treatment- On Point will utilize the latest industry-standard pest management techniques, with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly, non-chemical control whenever possible. Pesticides are used only when necessary, and organic pesticides are used whenever possible. 

For On Point Pest Control, protecting your home from unwanted pests means more than traps and treatments. It’s about taking the needs and concerns of every customer into account and developing relationships built on trust, professionalism and the understanding that honoring your home and lifestyle are always of primary importance. Your comfort and confidence are how we determine a job well done. 

*Special rates given to senior citizens*