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On Point Pest Control is a New Jersey based animal control service , with a goal to provide the residents with Top Professional Animal Control & Removal Services. Providing effective animal removal services is our main priority . We specialize in humane control and removal of all animal conflicts while providing excellent customer service, safety for your home, and a healthy environment for you and your family. We utilize the latest wildlife removal technology to provide responsible animal control services in NJ. In the tri-state area many of our animal control issues are due to squirrel and raccoon damage and nuisance.On Point provides quality squirrel removal as well as raccoon removal services. Certain issues may be resolved by simple trapping procedures or in some cases more intricate processes, such as proofing and tunnels. Regardless of the need of the job our professionals are able to take on and effectively solve your animal control problems.

Whether a nuisance animal related problem exist inside or outside of your NJ property, On Point Pest Control is able to assist you promptly. Call Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Trappers who are experienced professionals to investigate, identify, and remove the nuisance animal with humane approaches.

* We do not provide BAT or Skunk Services*

Solving Animal Control Problems

On Point is a full service company committed to providing residents with safe, effective solutions for nuisance animal problems. Here is a list of the most requested nuisance wildlife control, removal and relocation of animals:

  • Groundhog
  • Possum
  • Rabbit
  • Raccoon
  • Squirrel
  • Woodchuck
  • Woodpecker

Commercial Animal Control

A Nuisance Wildlife Trapper Consultant will personally come out to the property and outline options available, ensuring safe, humane removal of the nuisance wild animal. A Nuisance Wildlife Operator, licensed by the State of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, provides a full evaluation of your home or business. The full service pest inspection is from the rafters to the foundation. Once the animal problem is found, a licensed animal control professional begins to close-up and seal any entrance points which will prevent further animal intrusion. On Point offers a wide array of options to keep wildlife animals away from your business including simple trapping to full proofing of your property. Tell Your On Point Pest Control expert what would work best for the safety of your property.

Once the animal has been removed, an organized plan is discussed with each customer ensuring appropriate Exclusion modifications to be made by On Point Pest Control or the homeowner/ Business themselves, limiting any recurrences. When necessary, your professional animal control expert will work with you to schedule ongoing services during appropriate times of the year; limiting reappearances.

Contact On Point Pest Control immediately after spotting the animal on your property. Never try to handle a dangerous wildlife animal yourself, even if it seems friendly or deceased. The diseases (rabies kills) most of these animals carry are extremely deadly and only a licensed animal control professional should handle.