On Point has been a leading New Jersey commercial pest control company. Our professional team will customize a program to meet your needs — and your budget — while providing prompt service and expert guidance. 

On Point Pest Control strives to provide exceptional timely 24 hour quick response service to all our commercial customers. We offer IPM (Integrated Pest Management Solutions)for businesses including Restaurants, Stores, Offices, Apartment Buildings, Schools, Hotels, ETC. We accommodate our business unique schedules by offering weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly services depending on the needs of each specific business. 

On Point customize plans that address least toxic methodology, food safety, sanitation by USDA/FDA standards. We also offer a monitoring program that ensures that businesses remain pest-free. 

Our Professionals are equipped and knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial pest control management: 

· Hotel Management 

· Schools 

· Buildings 

· Landlords 

· Restaurants 

· Convenient Stores 

· Retail 

· Warehouse 

· Food Industry 

Bundle your services with On Point and save yourself not only a hassle, but money, too! 

All of On Point’s commercial pest control services include free inspections and written proposals, competitive pricing, multiple location discounts and corporate billing, WDO/WDIR/WDIIR, Site Monitoring Logs, flexible hours of treatment and emergency service, and Quality Assurance programs. In addition, we enjoy providing educational workshops for employees, tenants, homeowners associations and more.